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The Brand Guidelines that you’ve always wanted!

Brand guidelines that’ll make

you feel like a PRO!

Cat Studios specializes in Assisting businesses in revitalizing their existing brands. We realize how important a strong brand identity is to success, and we work hard to develop creative solid strategies that will assist in restoring your brand’s former glory.

Brand rules are required for anyone who wishes to utilize your brand in any capacity, whether internally or internationally. They can be utilized as a starting point for future updates to your brand’s identity, and they can be updated as needed to keep up with current trends.

Frequently asked questions

What are Brand guidelines?

A brand guidelines manual is essentially a rule book that tells everything you need to know about your brand, including its definition and ideology, personality and position, voice, story, and other visual aspects. In other words, it defines the company and its values, giving employees, partners, and everyone else engaged a clear grasp of the brand so that they can support and preserve it.

How to create brand guidelines?

A brand guideline assists your organization in developing a strong and recognizable identity that will be consistent across all channels. A compelling brand story may be created by focusing on your company’s ideology, personality, and language. Your logo, color palette, and other pictures or icons used in your marketing materials should all reflect your visual style.

How to make brand guidelines?

Develop a strong brand story, use logo guidelines to build a brand identity, define your ideology and personality, language, and include your brand’s colour palette and other images or icons that make up your visual style to produce a brand guideline.