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The Brand Guidelines that you’ve always wanted!

Brand guidelines that’ll make

you feel like a PRO!

At Cat Studios, we specialize in helping businesses breathe new life into their existing brands. We understand that a strong brand identity is crucial to success, and we work hard to create powerful creative strategies that will help restore your brand to its former glory.

Brand guidelines are essential for anyone who wants to use your brand in any way – internally or externally. They can be used as a reference point for future revisions to your brand identity, and can be updated as needed to keep up with the latest trends.

Frequently asked questions

What are Brand guidelines?

A brand guidelines manual is essentially a rule book that communicates everything there is to know about your brand – from its definition and ideology to its personality and position, as well as its voice, story and other visual elements. In other words, it lays out what the company is and what it stands for, providing employees, partners and anyone else involved with a clear understanding of the brand so that they can help support and maintain it.

How to create brand guidelines?

A brand guideline helps to build a strong and recognizable identity for your company that will be consistent across all platforms. You can generate a great brand story by focusing on your company’s ideology, personality, and language. Your visual style should be reflected in your logo, color palette, and other images or icons used in your marketing materials.

How to make brand guidelines?

A brand guideline can be created by developing a strong brand story, using logo guidelines to create a brand identity, defining your ideology and personality, language, and including your brand’s color palette and other imageries or icons that make up your visual style.