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What is market research?

Market research is a process of collecting information in a systematic order to understand the changing trends and fashion. Market research is a very useful analysis for the business startup, with the help of market research the risk in business may reduce. Market research helps to understand the advantages and disadvantages of business and it also predicts the changing trends in advance. Every business needs market research to know about their competitor and also helps to understand the needs and demands of the consumers in the market.

Importance of market research in business startups

Market research is important in every business because it provides information that is required to run a business effectively. Asking for a customer’s demands and their feedback in market research helps to make changes in your business. The main purpose of market research is to take business decisions, identify new business opportunities and help to overcome business failure.

Understand new products and services

Market research helps to identify the new product and services in the market. Identification of new products and services in the market is important in business because understanding customer needs and preferences helps to reach the level of success.

Maintains your business's competitive edge

Comparison studies are excellent for monitoring the advancement of your competitors about the advancement of your business. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to figure out what they are doing differently from you if they are going far ahead of you. You can create business tactics to outperform your rivals.

Identification of threats and opportunities in advance

Market research analysis helps to understand the threats and opportunities for the business.
Threats and opportunities are understood with the help of SWOT analysis.

Reduce chances of uncertainty– Market research helps to reduce the chances of uncertainty in business. The help of market research and understanding customer needs and demand helps to predict the coming changes in fashion and trends. 

Types of Market Research are required of large enterprises and Small Startups:

Every business needs different types of market research according to the size of its business.
Large business needs different market research and small startups required different method of market research.

Identify your Buyer Persona

Defining the buyer persona helps to identify your target audience, In Big organizations, they mainly need to understand their target audience and take feedback from the customers in the market research process to increase their sales in the market. 

Prepare Questions for the participants of your Market Research

To understand the customer’s choice for large organizations, prepare the questions in advance and ask your target audience. This process helps do effective market research.

Create a list of your competitors:

In the market research process first, you need to create a list of your primary competitors and understand their strategies and methods they are following to attract more customer attention.

Write a conclusion based on your research:

Making a summary of your result helps you to understand the demand in the market. while doing market research for your business making a summary helps you in the operational process of the business.

The following format should assist you in creating a concise summary:

  • Background: The objectives of your study and your motivations.
The people you spoke with: You can divide groups into personas and customers/prospects using a table.
Executive summary: What did you discover that was the most fascinating? What are your plans to address it?
  • Awareness: Explain the typical catalysts that cause someone to start an evaluation. (Quotes have a lot of influence.)
Consideration: Provide a summary of the key themes you discovered as well as the specific sources customers utilize to evaluate products.
  • Decision: Including any product attributes or facts that can make or break a decision to paint a picture of how a decision is made.
  • Action Plan: Based on your research, there may be a few campaigns you can launch to reach consumers more quickly or successfully. Provide a timeframe, a list of your top priorities, and an explanation of how it will affect your company.

Process of market research for startups:

Understand the problem and opportunity- The most important step in market research is defining the actual problem, if you understand what problems another business is facing then you will easily identify the opportunities for your business.
Create your market research plan- A market research plan can be developed by using a few techniques:
  1. Asking customers about their choice.
  2. Analyzing the strategy of your competitor.
  3. Understand the current trends and fashion.
Gather relevant data and information- In market research it is important to collect relevant data and information. Collecting unnecessary information in market research is time and cost-consuming. 


A Corporation must conduct marketing research to ensure that it can comprehend the thoughts of its clients. They can create items that can satisfy the needs of clients based on the findings of these investigations. As they have in-depth analyses of past trends as well as projections, they can also start trends.

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